Not so subtle threats

People trying to see through the obscuring clouds of propaganda and who share their discoveries are at risk from not so subtle threats.

The day before yesterday I first published this, my first blog. That evening I returned home to a message on my answering machine. Recorded gunfire. I taped it and informed the police.

This is far from a normal occurrence in my household or even my country, Australia; so I can only think that it has something to do with my new blog. I know that I have been under observation in the past because the observer accidentally wrote a “This is boring” message to their companion on the page I was writing. I’m sure it was. I wasn’t advocating killing anyone.

I also notice that some regular but fiery posters on forums I visit have disappeared. Mostly those from the American continent.

More than ever before, people need to share their truths; reveal the propaganda lies and talk to each other about ways to help the world.



About Fitzhenrymac

A non-violent, ethical, green, socialist citizen of Earth who can't stand the visual and written lies that media use to manipulate people
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