April 12th, the demonstration that wasn’t on ceasefire day or any day.

Thanks to PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS for the heads up about this image used by the Guardian and CTV. It creates the false impression that there is large public support for the rebels in Syria.

Note the following observations
1. Whose are the arms that are holding the left flag? Where is their bum and legs? Oops!   
2. The two left black heads above the left flag at the front are overlapped by the blue and white shirts of the demonstrators in front of them. The front section of this scene including the flags and black heads is a paste-up.
3. The flag at the top of the scene does not have red stars. The green at the top has been slapped on so sloppily that it overlaps some of the protestors. This part of the scene is a pro-government demonstration.
4.Even CTV doesn’t really believe it; as shown by its use of the words “purports to show”. 
Pen from Penny for your Thoughts found another suspicious video. See it in her comment below.

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A non-violent, ethical, green, socialist citizen of Earth who can't stand the visual and written lies that media use to manipulate people
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3 Responses to April 12th, the demonstration that wasn’t on ceasefire day or any day.

  1. Penny says:

    and you are so right about the flag to the left!
    I took a look again!
    Who is holding it? No one.

  2. Penny says:

    Hey Fitzhenrymac

    good job noticing the things I did not
    did you also see this video?
    Your readers may be interested in how the viewer is manipulated
    This one was fairly easy to dissect

    Called a “massive” protest
    but it’s not

    My analysis

    “What I suspect… Is that the people are just rotating around what appears to be a small green space and coming back up through the narrow space between some buildings and the green area.

    The video only runs 58 seconds.
    It would make sense that if there are progressing in a circle they could only recycle protestors for a very brief period of time”

    Another regular concurs

    freethinkerApr 14, 2012 02:04 AM

    Protesters going round in a circle – my thoughts too. Also narrow alley to make a few look many.

    We all have to realize, that we are manipulated via the media and social media.
    Learning to identify these things is key
    Which is why your idea of a blog focusing on that is fantastic!
    It is something commenters at my place have mentioned is needed
    while I do adress that type of stuff some of the time, I can’t do it all of the time

    • fitzhenrymac says:

      I think you are right Penny. Here’s a few things I noticed too about it. Only the people with flags turn left, lots of others wander off to the right. I think it was filmed in a busy street to make it look like a lot more protestors. An area is greyed out far up the street and a white car disappears. Did you notice at 13 secs, the man holding what looks like a gun up against the wall while someone else photographs him. At 37 secs a flag at the front is upside down. (I suspect they were paid to carry them – a lot carry flags across their arms and only wave them when they come in front of the cameraman.

      These productions are getting more sophisticated and although we can see the inconsistencies, people who believe the propaganda will only see the most blatant and obvious frauds even when they are pointed out right in front of them.

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