The myth crumbles

The myth that the Syrian rebellion started with peaceful protests by democratic activists,  brutally suppressed by the Syrian government has no basis in fact. The protests were organized like a well oiled machine calculated to attract and recruit disaffected and often unemployed youth and to appeal to western media interests. These media interests such as CNN, BBC, ABC, the Guardian and particularly the Telegraph have constantly supported and promulgated the myth.

Starting with a Facebook campaign calling for a sectarian “Day of Rage” with Photoshopped images of Assad being executed like Saddam Hussein,   (Practically nobody turned up)  and leading to the protestors that responded to the Facebook campaign being quickly militarized by the US and NATO troops already there in January 2011,, the myth was made real in a particularly nasty way. It used children, teenagers, as tools and pawns.

By March 2011, the rebels had arms, snipers, embedded journalists and video and satellite equipment from Britain, the US and France as well as a new fashion in American sweatshirts, sneakers and leather jackets (possibly French).    Fitzhenrymac


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