UN silence obscene

Journalist, Lizzie Phelan reveals a biased UN



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  1. Penny says:

    fitzhenry: I have a video up at my blog, can you check it out.
    Have I missed anything pertinent?
    Let me know, I would appreciate it greatly !

    • fitzhenrymac says:

      Good spotting. The Guardian should be ashamed of this mishmash.
      Here’s a longer version

      You’re right. This doesn’t make clear who or what the men running around are but one thing I’m certain of, is that not all are speaking Arabic. In fact, I’m sure some are giving orders in English.. The alleged dormitory doesn’t look like any university dorm I’ve ever seen particularly in the empty rooms. No books, assignments, computers, or posters.

      Real videos shot by people who want to prove their work have evidentiary info included. I would have expected to see university signs such as Administration, Canteen or no smoking in the dormitories (in Arabic of course) but there is nothing except a tube of toothpaste on the balcony parapet he filmed from. The rebels used to use a mock-up of the Homs clock tower to try to set the scene in Homs

      You might like this little video I found of a demonstration that could have been filmed on the day after. Wish I could get someone to translate it for me.

      The Telegraph page you put up with the photo of the two boys in yellow gave me an easy target. Cute kids, pity about the photo. https://fitzhenrymac.wordpress.com/images-that-lie-3/

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