Massacre in Houla – what is the evidence

Here is the other side of the Houla massacre story. Western media are repetitive in their acceptance of one side of the story, the rebel’s, but show little signs of analysis of the information available and, in the case of the BBC, a willingness to fabricate to promote their stance. Read more:

“one of the victims was a candidate in Syria’s recent elections who had refused to stand down at the demand of opposition “activists.” He, too, was brutally murdered, and the question is – by whom?” Read more:

According to a new report in Germany’s leading daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the Houla massacre was in fact committed by anti-Assad Sunni militants, and the bulk of the victims were member of the Alawi and Shia minorities.

and here is a comprehensive analysis from Global Research.

and BBC journalists are having trouble swallowing the official line.

In summary, here are my main points of criticism of the FSA’s story so widely and unquestioningly distributed in the western media.

1. The first videos of the massacre showed FSA rebels holding guns filming each other slinging dead children around by their arms to show off their wounds. No-one who cared about the children killed would treat the bodies so. Where are the women wailing?
2. Who wrapped the bodies, not in blankets and rugs but in white plastic? Do the rebels carry it around on their operations? But that’s OK, footage from Iraq will do.
3. If the government had first shelled the area and then moved supporters in to mop up, it would be in government hands. The rebels changing story does not include retaking Houla. Therefore when did they video themselves slinging the children’s bodies around?
4. Who has the motivation and the previous? Who has consistently blamed the government for its own actions by faking  and staging video, and is backed by a number of countries to manufacture consent for a NATO invasion?
5. What would be the point of the government committing this atrocity then letting the FSA in to film it?
6. The style of killing has the feel of French special forces, whose accents we picked up during the first insurgency. Algerians, Libyans and older Syrians will remember that style of execution. There have been no previous massacres like this associated with the present Syrian government. We would have heard of it, shouted loud and clear across western media.
7. Why have we only just heard about the Shabbiha now? Amazingly the rebels say they now carry the same guns and wear the same army fatigues and sneakers as the FSA. Was that because their sneakers gave the FSA away when they buried a man up to his neck. It seems to me that the gun running and kidnappings for ransom in Lebanon are more the style of Shabbiha mafia.

8. There is now considerable evidence that particular families who did not support the rebels were targeted. See above.


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