Each one, can reach one. Each one, can teach one.

I believe, Ignorance is the enemy of peace and human suffering is the true cost of war.

I believe that lies kill and those who tell them, profit without regard to human costs.

I believe that a single tear, torn from the heart of a child who witnesses the needless death of its parent or sibling, has more value than all of the wealth spent on bombs and armaments.

I believe that when we join with others and discover the harsh realities about our history and the torment that has paid for our comfortable lives we are each compelled to help others understand that another way is possible.

Each one, can reach one. Each one, can teach one.

We must rely on ourselves and those with similar values to act and counter the “news” and misinformation that is spewed on an unsuspecting public by the commercial media.” – Tom Feeley



About Fitzhenrymac

A non-violent, ethical, green, socialist citizen of Earth who can't stand the visual and written lies that media use to manipulate people
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