Germany planning Syrian financial and market takeover from 2000

From loefingstonn,

“I don’t often recommend articles as ‘must reads’, as the term is a bit of a turn-off. But the following article is exceptional towards understanding what is happening in Syria – an additional element to consider in the rush to eliminate Assad.

Since 2006, German “working groups” have been drawing up plans for the liberalization / privatization of Syrian state functions, designed to destroy what remains of Syria’s state social policies.

Apparently – much like the concessions that were demanded of Gaddafi / Libyan government –, beginning in 2000, Assad was threatened with reprisals if the govt didn’t implement a program to privatize Syrian industry, to open its economy to foreign investment, which the Syrian govt did begin to do.

Altogether predictably, that process bankrupted thousands of small businesses and artisans, the owners of which then joined the ranks of opposition to the govt.

Shit-stirring through corporate / financial takeover.

Market Economy for Syria


“Berlin is preparing for Syria’s transformation to a liberal market economy. Under German leadership, a multinational “Working Group” began its work late last week. Immediately following the overthrow of the Assad regime, this “Working Group” is planning to launch urgent economic measures, including the coordination of aid projects and the implementation of economic reforms”. […]

Then, under the heading Carrot and Stick:

[…] the measures to be taken under German management will also include short-term goals. The economic projects are aimed at “attracting the silent sectors in Syria which did not completely join or which are still hesitant in supporting the revolt.”

So, here we have an unabashed admission of coordinated plans, from 2000, to crush Syria’s economic and, hence, geopolitical independence.”   loefingstonn

Mmmmm . . . It seems that German financial and economic advice has something of the nature of Greeks bearing gifts. If only the Greeks, Spanish, Libyans and Syrians had remembered the Illiad and if only modern journalists had a university education that included the classics perhaps they would not ignore background evidence like this and the Wikileaks cables below.  Fitzhenrymac


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  1. Cromwell says:

    It would seem my grandfathers words ring true, after four years in the mud of France his favourite saying rings true. “Never trust the hun”.

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