‘Deep State’: Annie Machon: MI-5 Whistle-blower

Must watch video

Annie Machon: ex-MI-5 whistle-blower, activist and author looks at ‘Deep State’ and high-level national and international intelligence and security methodologies. Annie covers subjects such as false-flag/black operations, the MI-5’s botched attempt on Gaddafi’s life, the London Tube bombing (7/7), 9/11 and others. This penetrating and articulate interview is a must see.

Posted July 22, 2012


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3 Responses to ‘Deep State’: Annie Machon: MI-5 Whistle-blower

  1. Fitzhenrymac says:

    Hi Agar, It’s about governments who say one thing and secretly do another. Annie Machon actually worked for those secret operations but her conscience stopped her from continuing.

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