Weaponizing Psychology

Here is the rationale for the US and its allies program of economic sanctions, insurgency and terrorism, drones and aerial bombings, media emphasis, repetition and exaggeration of incidents, isolation from allies and coercion and infiltration of the UN and NGOs. They have been refining the process for years and achieved their greatest success in Libya.

“People and animals tend to basically just give-up, when besieged by inescapable pain and cruel, relentless uncertainty”

By Peter Chamberlin

August 24, 2009″ICH” — Nearly all of the Pentagon’s counter-insurgency warfare doctrine has been based on distortions of the pirated theories of former president of the American Psychological Association, Prof. Martin Seligman. . . .

The US military has totally embraced Seligman’s controversial theories, twisting them to suit their deadly purposes, basing their computer-modeled psyops plans, plans for homeland security, even their recruitment strategies, upon his theories of “learned helplessness,” looking for ways to bring-about its most debilitating form, learned hopelessness. Every one of these programs is geared towards finding and exploiting the human breaking point.

Seligman’s core observation is that people and animals tend to basically just give-up, when besieged by inescapable pain and cruel, relentless uncertainty—to quote another controversial work, “Silent Weapons for a Quiet War,” they reached a point of “capitulation.” (for those who categorically dismiss this “conspiracy theory” document, because of its iffy history, it nevertheless remains the defining explanation of the theory of econometric warfare and the accompanying psychological concept of “capitulation.”) Read more http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article23355.htm


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