Journalist kidnapped by the side he supported in Syria and finally notices that they are not Syrian

The Telegraph

A new video has emerged of British journalist John Cantlie held hostage by Isil. Here is an exclusive dispatch he filmed for The Telegraph in 2012 demonstrating his brave journalism in Syria

Click link below or image above to see video.

From PressTV August 3 2012

None of insurgents were Syrian: UK journalist

They couldn’t spell his name right but this is what he said,

“Not a Syrian in sight. This wasn’t what I had expected…Two of them were so Anglicised they couldn’t speak Arabic.”

From Huffington Post July 29 2012

Syria: British Journalist John Cantlie Kidnapped With Jeroen Oerlemans Is Released

They got his name right half the time but give more details although not very accurately.

“The two were injured after trying to run from the camp. Oerlemnas was shot in the foot and thigh while Cantile was shot in the arm. Their wounds were bandaged but they were kept blindfolded and handcuffed after that, he told Business News Radio.”

Cantlie was shot in the finger. Check out his own version of his kidnapping at his blog

From the BBC August 5 2012

Syria conflict: Photographers’ UK jihadist claim considered

The BBC at least could spell his name right but the story gets more dramatic.

“At one point they even started sharpening knives for a beheading. It was pretty frightening.”

There’s more

I have an earlier article about Cantlie here – Amazing – two bylines, same video

It’s amazing that Cantlie can suddenly recognize foreign insurgents now but couldn’t when he was supporting them in April.

Actually he probably survived because he did support them and they didn’t need another press martyr in July as they did with Marie Colvin in February. See the evidence below –

Uploaded to You Tube the very day she died. Nicely translated and printed too.

And Cantlie wasn’t the only one.

Why NBC’s Richard Engel is telling a new story about Syria kidnapping



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