Who do drones kill?

Who do drones kill? Certainly few terrorists and alleged militants; definitely many innocent men, women and children. Like the witch burnings of the inquisition, any person, house, wedding, funeral or meeting can be targeted depending on information from informants and we all know how many witches were burned because informants wanted their land, their husband or just didn’t like them.  Then there is Obama’s criteria such as looking Arab, being male and over 18. Are you male and over 18? Is your name similar to one on a list of alleged militants? Do you have a swarthy skin and a hook nose? Have you had an argument with a neighbour?

Another method drone operatives use to select their targets is satellite imagery. Have a get together for a house concert or a prayer meeting; run a business from your home and you could be classified as a terrorist cell. Then expect a 100 lb (45 kg) Hellfire missile at any time.

Drones fly, not just in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. They are over Yemen and Somalia, America and Gaza, Libya and Syria, Nigeria and Uganda.  There are bases in over 50 countries, even in the beautiful  Seychelles and Australia. A recent report to Congress listed 110 potential bases in the US alone with 64 already in operation. One could be over your house right now.

Do they work? Yes, they are very good at making a lot of people hate America.

Is the press interested. Not enough. Are they asking why there are so many drone bases in the US? Not nearly often enough!

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