IDF announces Gaza attack on Twitter

Rockets and a tweet – What a weak-willed, lily livered way to announce a war.  

Here’s another tweet showing an alleged target near a playground. Just one thing they left out. The Fajr5 rockets are 9 metres long. That’s as long as the bitumen road in the bottom right hand corner is wide. They also need a large rocket launcher to launch them. Now that’s an interesting problem. How do you smuggle a 9 metre rocket with 200 pounds of explosives and the rocket launcher through Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

A Fajr-5 rocket - Linthias12

Even though the IDF has blocked red over the alleged launch site. There is nothing there that looks at all as big as one Fajr rocket or even it’s buried launcher.

<strong>IDF Strike on Twitter</strong>

Ian Thomson has an interesting take on this at

And who is left out of the twitter universe – journalists.




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