Defending masculinity with guns

Hugo Schwyzer  –   Author, speaker and Professor of History and Gender Studies at Pasadena City College

In the days since the appalling murder of 20 school children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut, the same questions keep getting asked around the world: why does this keep happening in the States?  Why do Americans cling so persistently to their guns, even as the number of rampage murders continues to escalate and children continue to die?  And why do so many of the shooters fit the same profile: young white men from middle-class backgrounds?

When horrific mass killings at Port Arthur and Dunblane rocked Australia and Scotland in 1996, Canberra and Westminster responded swiftly with new laws severely restricting gun ownership and buying back weapons already on the market.  In both the UK and Australia, gun deaths plummeted.   There have been no comparable mass murders since.  Meanwhile, most of the deadliest rampage killings in US history have taken place Read more


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