Old Farts, Demons and Mind-twisters.

I hadn’t been on the net long before I came across hyper-patriots, neo-Nazis and various species of troll, none of whom will like the fact that geneticists have proven that they all have Neanderthal blood and black Africans don’t. Each has their own agenda but all unite in the demonization of a frail, 85 year old academic. They are the Chomsky haters.

I wondered about the venom against Noam Chomsky. It is splashed across every single site mentioning his name and to dare to comment about him is to put your avatar on their radar. There is no-one else that receives the same spit laden attention as Chomsky.

Hitler is very popular and is seen as the very model of an effective leader. Pol Pot is misunderstood and ignored, both George Bushes are just old fuddy-duddies manipulated by the Zionists, even Stalin isn’t a monster unless you are Ukrainian, whereas the word ‘Chomsky’ is red flagged by every bull troll on the web. They turn up in mobs and herds to toss their horns, flex their ignorance and roar their hatred and fear of this quietly spoken thinker.

What are they so afraid of?

Why do they bother to demonize a man who, if they ignored him, would probably just be considered another old fart by Gen Y and ignored by the generally apolitical baby boomers and Gen Xs?

Oh! I know why, he is one of the most effective critics of Washington, an anarchist thinker and internationally popular communicator. He is one of the few real thinkers in US society that people actually listen to and that scares the thought police and mind-twisters.

They like to call themselves mind-twisters and psy warriors rather than trolls as they engage in psy-ops to pervert debate and propagate real conspiracies – the creation of the ‘stupid nation’, the removal of the voting power of the masses, the myth of fee market capitalism and democracy, the conspiracy to deny climate change, the acceptance of: rule by plutocracy, the concentration of wealth, the idiocy of the financial system and the irrelevance of energy independence. They use slogans and memes and talk about evidence without producing any. If an online debate is on a sensitive topic, their strategy is to immediately throw in a distracting furphy such as 911 conspiracies or Zionist plots.

There are many examples of the success of the mind-twisters on the web but the one that stood out clearly for me was the “It’s not worth voting. Voting can’t change anything” meme. I’m not sure that the many online commenters who supported that meme were aware that they were the unwitting disseminators of a real conspiracy.

Noam Chomsky said in 2008 that access to information on the internet is not enough because a framework of understanding is required. The mind-twisters job is to destroy that framework, a framework that should be based on based on reason, science, ethics, history and humanity as Chomsky so ably demonstrates in the video below.




“Authors@Google: Noam Chomsky” 2008.05.02 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnLWSC5p1XE#t=27m38s

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