The Images 911 conspiracy theorists don’t want you to see.

Websites, blogs and Facebook are the communications media of this century. Ethical standards are just as important for them as the traditional press. Hiding evidence or, by omission, creating videos that mislead the public, is just as unethical when it’s on the web as when it’s on newsprint.

This is the image that won’t appear on 911 conspiracy websites and that is continually taken  down on other blogs such as ICH. It’s of WTC1 falling onto Building 7. You can clearly see the moment debris hits the building.

Tower 1 falling on WTC 7

Tower 1 falling on WTC 7

In the next image, taken just a few seconds before the first. You can clearly see the huge structural steel and aluminium panels that caused severe damage to the corner of Building 7 (bottom left corner of the image)

wtc columns 3 falling on building 7

Bldg7 burns Steve McCurry

WTC7 burning


An often used claim is that Building 7 fell into its own footprint. Here is another image, not often shown by conspiracy theorists.

Building 7 debris

The debris field from Building 7   –   30 West Broadway/Fiterman Hall is the striped building in the background. The US Post Office building is the lower building on the right

As you can see, a huge amount of Building 7 debris fell to the North onto Barclay Street and 30 Broadway/Fiterman Hall, the striped building at the top of the image. The debris was almost as high as the building on the right. The Southern half of the west facade and most of the South facade of 30 Broadway/Fiterman Hall, were severely damaged or destroyed, in spite of the fact that they were on the other side of Barclay Street. Therefore, Building 7 did not fall into its footprint.

The videos of Building 7 falling that are so often used on conspiracy websites, are taken from the relatively undamaged Northern side of the building. Video clips taken from other viewpoints showing different sides of the building, tell a very different story. Fire is evident on many floors and the building twists and buckles as it collapses.

The first video below shows a collection of video clips that include views of the building leading up to the scene usually shown on truther sites. The second shows deliberate omissions; one can only suspect, for the purpose of misleading the public.

3 minute 58 seconds into Nathan Flach’s video compilation, you will see the part edited out on conspiracy sites. The penthouse and the corner of the building that was most damaged by WTC 1, falls first. You can see that the structure behind the north facade has collapsed on the left hand side.  In fact you can see daylight through the windows. There is a short delay, and then  the rest of the building collapses, not straight down but towards the North across Barclay Street. The deliberate editing out of those first few seconds on a number of videos and the selective use of  videos shot mainly from the North, strongly suggests fraud on the part of a number of conspiracy sites that claim that the fall of WTC 7 was a controlled demolition.


Committing fraud on a public still traumatized by the events of 911 is unethical and cruel. Not least, because it constantly reminds them of the tragedy on blogs, websites, Facebook and twitter. It is the 21st Century version of 19th Century scams on the bereaved and just as profitable for the main instigators.

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