What is the real story behind the unborn baby with a bullet in its skull?

British surgeon David Nott, says snipers shot this fetus inside its mother’s womb. He blames the Syrian government and says eight pregnant women were shot in the uterus in two days.


The same article in the Daily Mirror reports that he said there were two women and does not assign blame to the Syrian government.


Although it is sometimes difficult to see damage in an X-ray of a bullet in a skull, I would have expected to see some damage to the delicate skull of a fetus – an entry point perhaps, and I doubt a tiny baby with its delicate bones would have done much to stop a bullet unless it was nearing the end of its trajectory.

Nonetheless, casualties of war are not just enemies. They are babies and grandparents, mothers and children, pets and farm animals. All suffering for the greed of the few.


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