Who’s a terrorist?

Here’s the FBI definitionhttp://www.fbi.gov/about-us/investigate/terrorism/terrorism-definition

Here the Wiki definitionhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Definitions_of_terrorism#Obstacles_to_a_comprehensive_definition

All the definitions refer to violence.

So why are peace, anti-war, environmental, human rights and other social movements targeted by so called anti-terrorism squads acting with corporate spies?

Report: One in Four ‘Activists’ May be Corporate Spies


British police stole IDs of dead children to infiltrate political organizations


Three Political Police Spies



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A non-violent, ethical, green, socialist citizen of Earth who can't stand the visual and written lies that media use to manipulate people
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  1. Fitzhenrymac says:

    Hi IJ,
    I’d hate to miss your input. You are one of the few intelligent commenters on ICH.

    Sometimes Intense Debate throws me off until Tom moderates whatever the trolls have accused me of. When that happens I write an email to Tom explaining my point of view. He does hate it if we feed the trolls but sometimes I just can’t let them get away with their nonsense. He’s always let me back in. You can find his address in the left hand column of ICH.

    If that doesn’t work, why not just start another email on Google for instance and set up a new Intense Debate profile.

    If the Bill you are referring to is Bill Duke, the trolls use his name as they did today, although there may be a real Bill. Did you notice that a guest and a Bill Duke constantly applauded the idiot you were debating with. That’s strategy 4 in Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist. http://pastebin.com/irj4Fyd5

    Claiming that everyone who opposes them is the same person is another troll strategy, Govt trolls often run several avatars at once and sometimes they trip themselves up with them.. You would be amazed at how many personalities I have according to them. Then there are some who pretend to be me but can’t spell my name exactly because Intense Debate won’t let them on with the same name.

    I hope you can get back on ICH soon.

    • Thanks for the support, but this ins’t the first time, and I’ve got other IP addresses I can use. That’s how I established it was an IP block and not another over-enthusiastic intense debate foul-up. ID do not have access to Tom’s .htaccess file. And he really should put in an redirect for the 404 it throws.

      I already mailed Tom, but to be honest ICH isn’t the place it once was and I only sent my mail on the off-chance that it’s just a glitch. If it’s a policy I’ve violated and I am to change my wicked ways before I am allowed back, then I won’t be coming back.

      I’ve been following ICH for over ten years on a more or less daily basis and it no longer has the edge it once had, most of its contributors are still writing the same articles they were writing ten years ago, and the quality of the commentary has plunged accordingly.

      • Fitzhenrymac says:

        You seem to have a real handle on what is going on. So far I have only used IP address search engines which is how I found out that a fake Fitzhenrymac site had its origins in San Antonio Texas. I have only been on ICH for two years but it did make me realise that I like writing, researching and arguing enough to start a post graduate study in writing. A bit of a change from my earlier studies, a very long time ago, in Ancient History, Philosophy and Art. I’m enjoying it but now that I’m going full time I will have to drop back on ICH. But I will still be sorry if you leave. The trolls will think they have won.

        • Hey that’s cool that you were inspired to study. Same thing happened to me with Usenet twenty years ago. Went on to get a book deal and a Master’s out of it. The book deal was based specifically on my posts to Usenet. So good luck, you never know what may come of it.

          However, back to the task in hand:

          “Hi IJ, nice to see you back. ”

          It would be nice if I was. I even have to respond to you here, because everytime I try to say thanks to you on ICH my comment gets deleted within a minute or two. 😉 Nevertheless, I can still load everypage from a unique IP address and change my screenname – but if I acknowledge you under any name I will have given myself away and it’ll be deleted.

          We should work out some codewords. Like “Wounded Paw” say.

        • Fitzhenrymac says:

          That’s great. Congratulations on getting a publications deal and a masters. I don’t know where my study will take me. I may even finish that sci-fi book I started 10 years ago. I often use my posts on ICH as starting points for assignments.

          I like your new pseudonym; but I’m not happy that you can’t respond to comments.

          I’d like to ask you what titles you have had published, but I see a bit of unusual activity around this post (Who’s a terrorist) and most people would like to be anonymous.

  2. Hi fitz,

    Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed your comments on ICH over the years. I’ve been banned from the site now so will not be able to join in anymore. I just wanted to say thanks for you comments. The people who are behind the ban are the same ones that think you and I are the same person, so I expect you’ll be joining me soon. 😉

    Give my regards to Bill. Tell him, I’ll see him soon.



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