Where is the blood?


According to the Daily mail and Fox News, the photo above, “provided by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry shows the inside view of a bus destroyed by a rebel shell at the (government) checkpoint near the town of Volnovakha in the Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015. At least 10 civilians were killed and a further 13 wounded as the bus was hit by a pro-Russian separatists’ shell while passing through the checkpoint, local officials said. (AP Photo/Ukrainian Interior Ministry)”

I can’t see any blood on the floor and the seat covers have been removed.

A rebel shell?

The image provided plainly shows bullet holes in the seats and curtains coming from the back of the bus..

This is what a bus looks like after a shell hits it.




And where is the blood?

On the snow outside the bus.

Ukraine bus 2

Murder of defenceless civilians is a war crime.


Update – Video Evidence.

Now the Ukrainian government are claiming it was heavy weapons fire rather than a shell. The bullet holes in the seats were just a bit too obvious.

The missing blood has also appeared – on the floor at the front of the bus.

Judging by the angle of the bullet holes in the seats and their exit towards the front of the bus in the video; it appears that checkpoint guards boarded the bus and herded the passengers towards the exit. They then fired at their backs with some bullets going through the seats.

They have also admitted that the bus, carrying mostly women and children, came from rebel held areas. I’m guessing any refugees who want to return to their families in western Ukraine will, in future, visit Russia instead. And that may very well be one of the purposes of this atrocity considering the state of Ukraine’s economy.

Update – Revenge Motive

In August 2014, Eastern Ukrainian rebels captured a bus carrying Right Sector paramilitaries. Twelve were shot in the firefight and the rest taken captive. The ultra-nationalist,  Right Sector includes neo-nazis and other far right-wing groups  such as the Patriot of Ukraine below.

A graphic video (Not for children) of the bus shows Right Sector fighters killed by the defenders of Donetsk in August 2014. Yarosh vows revenge. To see more select the link below.


Several websites publishing the earlier attack were updated on the January 13.

So could the attack on the 13th of January, 2015, have been revenge by members of one of the Right Sector battalions that the government in Ukraine used for propaganda purposes?


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