60 minutes and the Buk – MH 17

MH17 – Special Investigation
“The Russian Are Lying And Here Is The Truth”

Video Report
60 Minutes – MSN – Australia

Who shot down MH17? 60 Minutes tracks the killers deep inside rebel territory.

Watch the video on http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article41878.htm

Here’s the real truth.

If you halt the video at almost any point you will find photoshopped images and purported facts that were not backed up by evidence; so much so that it appears that the whole thing is a fraud. And the biggest fraud is Eliot Higgins. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eliot_Higgins

None of Higgins evidence is original. It and all the video and photographic evidence used by Sixty Minutes journalist Michael Usher were released by Ukrainian intelligence within 3 days of the downing of MH17 such as this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIdODh-3-p8

The video was photoshopped before it was first released. Look at the green edge of the billboard. Note it is painted over a branch. Later, I waited in vain for Usher to show us the other side of the billboard that he claimed was the one in the video. Of course it would have been a miracle if it was. He was standing on grass that should have been trees with a view of a lake and pointing in the wrong direction.

MH 17 Billboard photoshopped

Then there is the way that the Usher flits over Higgins’ images claiming they are identical. I captured this from the video. Now that it is still, you can see that the two images are far from identical and that the top one has been photoshopped to make the trees look similar. Usher diverts us from the obvious dissimilarities by specifically directing our attention to the ‘similar’ trees. The only conclusion I can draw is that he colluded in the fraud.

MH17 Buk video - not the same place

Nothing in the 60 minutes program is real. Not even Usher’s attempt to be an investigative reporter. He says he was arrested by the rebels but his sequence was wrong. He hadn’t reached the rebel checkpoint at that stage and to add some colour he photoshopped Russian flags on the road he was travelling on. Sloppy work.

MH17 photoshopped Russian flag


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