Shame BBC – blatant bias and propaganda

Why did the BBC embed this video in a report largely blaming Isis for chemical attacks in Syria?

The video presented by Ian Pannell and labelled Harrowing footage showed the aftermath of an alleged chlorine gas attack by Syrian government forces, is a composite fabrication blaming the Syrian government.

Not only does it include obviously fake footage of crude propaganda against Syria, it encourages viewers to support an Al Nusra organization which appears to do little except support terrorists, fabricate videos and collect donations.

It’s also an all-too-convenient attempt to sway public opinion in Britain, Australia, Canada and the US towards an attack on Syria.

Capture of image from BBC video and link to the video

Click to see video

Note: At 26 seconds into the video, the small child’s eyes are clear and wide open, not even crying. Other children can be heard crying, not wheezing, screaming or wailing as seriously hurt children do. We cannot hear then choking or coughing as those attacked by chlorine gas would also do.

50 seconds into the video is a pretty little girl. She shows no signs of a gas attack, just signs of the natural fear a little girl would have being washed down by a group of shouting men in the dark.

Little girl wide eyed and breathing normally being washed down by a group of shouting men in the dark.

On the top left of the video is the green SGRC logo – the coalition of rebels fighting against the Syrian government including Al Nusra/AlQueda

It is highly likely that this section of Pannell’s presentation is fake.

Towards the end of the video Pannell lauds the white helmeted Syrian volunteer civil defence.

Rick Sterling in Counter Punch has more information about the White Helmets in his article, About those chlorine attacks in Syria. He says, “This is a new organization, highly publicized as civilian rescue workers in Syria. Their video and reports have influenced Avaaz and other humanitarian groups. Avaaz refers to the White Helmets as “Syria’s respected and non-partisan civil protection force.”

In reality the White Helmets is a project created by the UK and USA.

Training of civilians in Turkey has been overseen by former British military officer and current contractor, James Le Mesurier. Promotion of the program is done by “The Syria Campaign” supported by the foundation of billionaire Ayman Asfari.

The White Helmets is clearly a public relations project which has received glowing publicity from HuffPo to Nicholas Kristof at the NYT. White Helmets have been heavily promoted by the U.S. Institute of Peace (U.S.IP) whose leader began the press conference by declaring “U.S.IP has been working for the Syrian Revolution from the beginning”.

Apart from the PR work, White Helmets work in areas of Aleppo and Idlib controlled by Nusra (Al Queda). The video from a medical clinic on March 16 starts with a White Helmets logo. The next video of same date and place continues with the Nusra logo.

US and UK tax dollars pay for a program which has an appealing rescue component and is then used to market and promote the USA and UK policy of regime change in Syria in de facto alliance with Nusra.”


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