Barrel Bombs. The US accuses Assad while the rebels get on with making them.

Washington’s claims of Assad using barrel bombs are made with no evidence that ties them to the government of Syria. Yet, western media continue to report and repeat the charges as if they were a credible fact. Most recently by Elliot Higgins.

The most damning for Syria is this video below, which has been so poorly edited that the gunner is not there, and then is. And the European who appears to be giving directions to the bomber has a different uniform, not Syrian, with what may be an American sniper badge on his left epaulet. Syria does not use the red,white and blue.

sniperNot a syrian army uniform

Considering the large number of videos and images of the ‘rebels’ making gas bottle bombs and then firing them from home-made mortars while yelling Allah Akbar (God is Great); and considering how easy it is to find images and videos like those below, on the web; there is no excuse for publishing propaganda as fact.

A few minutes Google search revealed this rebel promotional video of rebels loading barrel bombs and several incriminating images, below.

Note – the Syrian army wears boots not sneakers and the badge/logo on the bomb is Lebanese and appears to have been added to the image. Perhaps it is a video stamp..

Rebel makes gas bottle bombs.   Bomb
Flying bombsphotoshopped

Then there is this image above, where the photo shopping was so poor that the leg of the seat does not meet in the middle.

It is evident that the rebels have been using home-made bombs since the start of the war. The Syrian army may have too, but so far the evidence presented in the media points directly to the rebels.


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