The evolution of a terror attack in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem paper, the Times of Israel shows how a fire on an empty bus becomes a terrorist attack on innocent civilians. The reports it uses on its online breaking news page come from its own sources and a variety of other news media.

The story changes from the police saying they are not sure it was a terror attack at 18.17, to a Reuters report from a spokesperson for the Mayor of Jerusalem saying “Blast definitely caused by bomb” at 19.24, and Prime Minister Netanyahu saying “We will settle accounts with those behind the Jerusalem bombing.” at 10.23 pm.

Note the interesting divergence between the Channel 2 and Reuters report at 19.24. It reveals a striking difference in their agendas.

 The Times of Israel – Investigators hunt for clues after Jerusalem bus bombing

 Tuesday, April 19, 2016 18:17

Police now not sure it was a terror attack

Now police are saying they’re not sure it was a terror attack after all, Channel 2 says.

The blast was on an empty bus. This in turn set off a fire on a second bus nearby and a private car. Most of the injured were on the second bus, the TV report says.

Police now say “all avenues of investigation being followed.”

Emergency services at the site of a possible bus bombing in Jerusalem, April 18, 2016. (Israel Police)

Police: Bus was empty, wounded are from nearby vehicle

Police say the bus hit by an explosion in Jerusalem was empty at the time of the blast, and the injured are from a nearby bus. Another private vehicle is also hit in the blast.

Two people are in serious condition, six are in moderate condition and seven are lightly hurt.

Two burning buses on a Jerusalem street. The cause of the incident was being investigated by police. (Israel police)

Red alert on Gaza border is false alarm

The red alert siren for incoming rocket fire that sounds on the Gaza border is a false alarm, Walla reports.


Fire service: No one trapped in burning buses in Jerusalem

The fire service says that no one is trapped in the buses that are alight following a blast on one of the vehicles in Jerusalem.


16 hurt in Jerusalem were on both burning buses

The 16 people wounded in Jerusalem came from the bus that was set ablaze and a nearby one that was also set alight, Channel 2 says.

Police are still trying to establish if it was a terror attack.


Police urge vigilance in wake of Jerusalem blaze

The police are calling on Israelis to be vigilant after two buses are set alight in Jerusalem. The authorities are still trying to determine whether this is a terrorist incident.

Israel Police spokeswoman Luba Samri urges people to report any suspicious incidents.


Israel Police: Not ruling out terror attack in Jerusalem

Israel Police spokeswoman Luba Samri says authorities are not ruling out the possibility that the blazes on two buses in Jerusalem are the result of a terrorist attack.

All avenues are being examined, Samri says.


Jerusalem police: No advance intel on imminent attack

A spokesman for Jerusalem police says there was no advance intelligence of an imminent terror attack in Jerusalem .


Egged official: Hard to believe this was not terror

An official in the Egged bus company, whose buses were hit in the Jerusalem blaze, says it is hard to believe that the incident was not the result of a terror attack, the NRG website reports.

Fire service: Jerusalem blast occurred inside one of the buses

Jerusalem fire service says that the blast that set two buses alight in the city took place inside one of the vehicles.

“This is definitely an irregular incident,” a member of the fire service tells Channel 2.


Jerusalem mayor: Explosive device caused bus blast

The blast on a Jerusalem bus was caused by a small explosive device, Mayor Nir Barkat tells Channel 2.

He says however that it is still unclear whether this is a terrorist attack.

The mayor calls on Jerusalem residents and all Israelis to be alert but to primarily carry on with their normal routine.

Barkat spokeswoman: Jerusalem blast definitely caused by bomb

A spokeswoman for Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat says that the explosion that set two buses alight and wounded 16 people was definitely caused by a bomb, Reuters reports.

The comment comes after Barkat tells Israeli TV that a small explosive device detonated inside one of the two buses caught up in the incident.



PM: We will settle accounts with those behind Jerusalem bombing

Netanyahu says that Israel will find the people responsible for today’s attack on a bus in Jerusalem that wounded more than 20 people.

“We will find out who placed the bomb, we will reach those who dispatched them and we will also get to those who stand behind them, and settle accounts with these terrorists,” he says.

The prime minister also sends wishes for a speedy recovery to those injured in the bombing.

Later the driver of the bus next to the one that exploded reveals his assumption that any explosion must be an attack; although it’s unlikely that he needed to tell nearby observers to ring emergency services.


Jerusalem bus driver: I knew at once it was a terror attack

The driver of the Jerusalem bus hit in today’s bombing says he was caught up in traffic when he suddenly heard a blast, and knew at once an attack had taken place, Channel 2 reports.

“I reached Moshe Baram Street in Talpiot and stopped in traffic. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion from the back of the bus and I immediately realized it was a terrorist attack,” says Moshe Levy from Shaare Zedek hospital, where he is being treated for light injuries.

“I opened the doors to save people,” he says. “The people fled quickly. I immediately ran to the cars stuck in traffic and told them to call the police because there had been an attack.”

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And in case you think bus explosions without a bomb never occur, here are some examples…

Bus explodes into flame outside school at Park Ridge (Brisbane)

Forty-seat bus explodes ‘like a cannon going off’     (Melbourne)   

Plumes of black smoke billowed from the site of the explosion, which triggered miles of gridlock

In fact bus explosions are all too common.


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