Aid Convoy not shot from the air – the photographic evidence.

There has been much about the UN aid convoy destroyed in Aleppo in the media; most of them blaming Russia and the Syrian government.



This package of medical supplies provided as proof of an air attack by the White Helmets has been shot from below.


Below, the green truck trailer parked at an angle shows boxes that appear to be medical supplies, They were carefully unloaded before the attack and the truck’s prime mover driven away; whereas supplies for civilians were trashed and burnt.


Below, where is the explosive damage to the vehicles and the debris to be expected from an air attack?


The photographic images from the Aleppo attack reveal a different story to that of western media outlets and the White Helmets: the convoy was shot at from below, no doubt killing some of the drivers, supplies useful to the rebels were unloaded first, then the whole was set on fire to cover the evidence. The White Helmets say that not all the drivers and offsiders were killed. Where are they? 



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