Syrian women are free.

I think, like me, many of us have no idea what life was and is still like for women and girls in Syria outside the rebel zone. I mean the secular Syria that the Daesh/Isis are trying to destroy.

From the Duran  

The following video shows life as it has been during the war in Syria, which is seldom shown in the western mainstream media. Young people talk about their love of art and music which would be prohibited or even punishable by death under Al-Qaeda rule.

In government controlled areas the video shows how all people enjoy their daily life in peace even after years of war. Such are the spirits of the Syrian people; to celebrate life even in the face of war, death and destruction. They have learned to defy the terrorists’ mortar shells as they rain daily on them.

Syria is a secular society where people enjoy life to the full through open access to theatre, cinema, mosques, churches, museums, restaurants, music halls, and sports stadia. Free education to university level and free health care available to all citizens, despite US imposed sanctions for years.

If the US objective of regime change were to be achieved, the alternative to such a vibrant dynamic peace-loving society with its ancient heritage and culture would be Al-Qaeda and its fundamentalist Wahabbi medieval view of life.

Indeed, in the video some speak of their experiences of living under Daesh before they fled to safety in government controlled areas. Under the terrorists’ rule people were punished severely or killed for such silly matters as watching TV or listening to music or wearing jeans let alone major issues such as women’s rights or lack of them.

Now watch “Syrians” produced by TVLibertés


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