The propaganda war on Syria continues.

Each time the Syrian government has reached agreement on a cease fire, the rebels in Ghouta have lobbed another bomb into Damascus. But western media doesn’t connect the two.


Each time the Syrian government sends in aid trucks or takes out urgent medical cases, they are ignored by western media.

And the rebels keep shelling Damascus as the aid trucks arrive.

Each time we see the same video or image of children covered in blood, we can’t be sure it is not a fake. Not a drama set up by the white helmets in their immaculate jackets, not from another part of the Syrian war or Yemen, not outright lies.

Here is what is obvious. Where are the mothers, grandmothers and big sisters of the babies allegedly being rescued? I can’t imagine them not accompanying their babies. In fact, where are the women?

Some images are obviously faked.

And sometimes they get caught out. Note that most of the images and video footage used in this current propaganda campaign allegedly in Ghouta are also from CNN.

Some accuse the Syrian government of making cruel weapons such as barrel bombs. The images of supposed barrel bombs are actually the gas canister bombs the rebels have proudly made since the start of the war.


And here is what those bombs do. Note non-rebel videos include women.

Let’s not be fooled by propaganda.

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