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The Startling Size of US Military Operations in Africa

The Pentagon’s Africa Command will tell you there’s one military base on the entire continent and that they have a light touch in Africa. Don’t believe them. —By Nick Turse | Fri Sep. 6, 2013 3:00 AM PDT “They’re involved … Continue reading

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Libya: Race, Empire and the Invention of Humanitarian Emergency

Maximilian Forte’s assessment of where NATO “freedom” has left Libya. The people of Libya have my deepest sympathy.

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British Have Invaded Nine Out of Ten Countries in the world

Britain has invaded all but 22 countries of the almost 200 in the world in its long and colourful history, new research has found. By Jasper Copping November 05, 2012 “The Daily Telegraph” –Every schoolboy used to know that at … Continue reading

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Too often African, South American and Asian issues are ascribed by the media, when they even bother to mention them, to sectarian, drug or crazy warlord infighting. This article teases out the different interests including mining and neo-colonialism in Mali. … Continue reading

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