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Shame BBC – blatant bias and propaganda

Why did the BBC embed this video in a report largely blaming Isis for chemical attacks in Syria? The video presented by Ian Pannell and labelled Harrowing footage showed the aftermath of an alleged chlorine gas attack by Syrian … Continue reading

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“Honour The Treaties” Neil Young – Mother Earth (Live)

Oil sands strip mining of Indian lands and boreal forests – for what?

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British Have Invaded Nine Out of Ten Countries in the world

Britain has invaded all but 22 countries of the almost 200 in the world in its long and colourful history, new research has found. By Jasper Copping November 05, 2012 “The Daily Telegraph” –Every schoolboy used to know that at … Continue reading

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It’s Us or the Nukes

By David Swanson September 16, 2012 “Information Clearing House” –  President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor was about to wake him up in the middle of the night to inform the President that 220 Soviet nuclear missiles were headed our … Continue reading

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Are you American? Guess how much of your taxes go on war?

A brilliantly clever animation explaining how many US tax dollars go on war, although I suspect that a lot of US aid dollars also go to support various wars. Think South America. Then there is Nato and the war on drugs.! … Continue reading

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April 12th, the demonstration that wasn’t on ceasefire day or any day.

Thanks to PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS for the heads up about this image used by the Guardian and CTV. It creates the false impression that there is large public support for the rebels in Syria. Note the following observations … Continue reading

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Rape of a wilderness – a man cries

This was completely off the radar in Australia until this video came out. The true cost of oil: Garth Lenz @ TEDxVictoria 

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