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Naomi Klein – the best political speech ever


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¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido! The people united will never be defeated!

One of the human beings I most respected has just died. I could have written an obituary but for once, words did not express what I felt. So I will let Chavez himself and the people of Venezuela show you … Continue reading

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Obama that I used to know – Gotye parody

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Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3HR Documentary)

Watch this truly important film.

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‘US political system hostile to Americans’

“The money-ruled American political system has a pretty straight-ahead Wall Street agenda and is designed to eliminate opposition the way dictatorships do, Jill Stein, the US presidential candidate for the Green Party, shared with RT. ­She believes that both Mitt … Continue reading

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Are you American? Guess how much of your taxes go on war?

A brilliantly clever animation explaining how many US tax dollars go on war, although I suspect that a lot of US aid dollars also go to support various wars. Think South America. Then there is Nato and the war on drugs.! … Continue reading

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The Power Principle – I: Empire, Metanoia-films (Noam Chomsky et al.)

  A brilliant and revealing summary of some of the worst abuses of US and NATO hegemony. It’s well worth watching. The parallels to Libya, Syria, Greece and Spain are startling. I note that few media pundits suffer from Déjà … Continue reading

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Germany planning Syrian financial and market takeover from 2000

From loefingstonn, “I don’t often recommend articles as ‘must reads’, as the term is a bit of a turn-off. But the following article is exceptional towards understanding what is happening in Syria – an additional element to consider in the … Continue reading

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Who Profits? Austerity, greed & the pain in Spain

“If you work at a regular job, you are in deep trouble. Spanish unemployment is at 25 percent—much higher in the country’s southern regions—and 50 percent among young people. In one way or other, those figures—albeit not quite as high—are … Continue reading

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