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Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter

Watch one of the most important videos this year – and pass it on This is the clearest explanation life under Israeli occupation, why the Palestinians want their freedom and the treatment of Palestinian children. We can only wonder at … Continue reading

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The evolution of a terror attack in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem paper, the Times of Israel shows how a fire on an empty bus becomes a terrorist attack on innocent civilians. The reports it uses on its online breaking news page come from its own sources and a variety of other … Continue reading

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Whose land is it anyway?

Judaism has no more historical right to Israel than any other invader’s religion.

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Lab rats: Using Palestinians as a free way to test new weapons of people control

Israel has rapidly come to rely on the continuing captivity of Palestinians in what are effectively the world’s largest open-air prisons. The reason is that there are massive profits to be made from testing Israeli military innovations on the more … Continue reading

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Music: the new protest

Here are 2 fabulous song videos. Great music, Great protests. Not Doing it in my Name  by Côr Cochion Caerdydd The Peace Process by Azizi Bin Habeebi

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Israeli Youth See Life of Palestinians for First Time Through Film — Maybe Americans Can Too

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Nazi revisionism and The Inequality Report – The Palestinian Minority in Israel

Nazi Revisionism is flooding the internet. One of the major tenets of this anti-historical approach is that Hitler was not anti-Semitic. Likewise claims that Palestinian citizens living in Israel are treated fairly without racism, cannot be substantiated. Here is just … Continue reading

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‘Killing Palestinians popular in Israel around election time’ Former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabian, Chas Freeman on Israel and Arabs. Here’s an insider’s observations.

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