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Syrian women are free.

I think, like me, many of us have no idea what life was and is still like for women and girls in Syria outside the rebel zone. I mean the secular Syria that the Daesh/Isis are trying to destroy. From … Continue reading

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Jackson Browne, Lives In the Balance

For the lyrics see

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‘They Snipe at us Then Run and Hide in Sewers’

Robert Fisk given exclusive access to the Assad Generals as they seek to defeat the rebels in Aleppo

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Beaten Down, Isolated, Angry, and Distracted

‘Awake we share the world; sleeping each turns to his private world.’ By Phil Rockstroh August 15, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — A couple of decades ago, upon returning to Atlanta, Georgia, after spending a year abroad, I would frequent … Continue reading

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