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33 Trillion More Reasons Why The New York Times Gets it Wrong on Russia-gate

Further research shows The New York Times was even further off the mark in blaming Russian social media for Trump’s win. By Gareth Porter November 05, 2018 “Information Clearing House“ –  Even more damning evidence has come to light undermining … Continue reading

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Syrians laugh and cry when rescued by Syrian army

Grandparents cry, children laugh, mothers look for their offspring as the Syrian Army helps them leave Ghouta where they have been held captive and enslaved for 7 years by Salafist and Wahabbi rebels.

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The propaganda war on Syria continues.

Each time the Syrian government has reached agreement on a cease fire, the rebels in Ghouta have lobbed another bomb into Damascus. But western media doesn’t connect the two.   Each time the Syrian government sends in aid trucks or … Continue reading

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Syria – New ‘Chemical Weapons’ Fake Planned

By Moon Of Alabama “On the evening of February 12, a resident from the Serakab settlement located in the Idlib province called the Russian Center for Reconciliaition to notify (the center) about a chemical weapons attack that could be staged … Continue reading

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The best argument for gun control ever.

Warning: Jim Jeffries speaks Australian. Do not be offended.

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Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter

Watch one of the most important videos this year – and pass it on This is the clearest explanation life under Israeli occupation, why the Palestinians want their freedom and the treatment of Palestinian children. We can only wonder at … Continue reading

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America’s Renegade Warfare

Claiming the right to launch preemptive wars and fighting an ill-defined “global war on terror,” the U.S. government has slaughtered vast numbers of civilians in defiance of international law… By Nicolas J S Davies Seventy-seven million people in North and … Continue reading

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Bob Marley – ‘War’

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Non Violent Resistance – the way forward

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Naomi Klein – the best political speech ever

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The Korean War – killing hope

William Blum on the Korea War Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II – Chapter 5 By William Blum To die for an idea; it is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if … Continue reading

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Getting Julian Assange: The Untold Story By John Pilger

John Pilger presents a clear, unambiguous and fair account of the injustice meted out to Julian Assange that counters the unfair, biased and murky story told by the British, Swedish, American and Australian governments, and the media. May 21, 2017 “Information … Continue reading

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Who are the new jihadis? Oliver Roy analyses them and finds they are not whom you think they are.

Read the full article in the Guardian   In one of the best articles explaining the phenomenon of jihadi terrorism that I have read, Oliver Roy gives a clear analyses of their origins. He clarifies the link between Islam and radicalisation, … Continue reading

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Syrian women are free.

I think, like me, many of us have no idea what life was and is still like for women and girls in Syria outside the rebel zone. I mean the secular Syria that the Daesh/Isis are trying to destroy. From … Continue reading

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JIT report: a deliberate fabrication.

Much of the JIT report is deliberate fabrication. For example: the video they used to show the truck allegedly carrying a BUK missile launcher has been deliberately but crudely manipulated to remove identifying road signs. Why bother unless it was … Continue reading

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Aid Convoy not shot from the air – the photographic evidence.

There has been much about the UN aid convoy destroyed in Aleppo in the media; most of them blaming Russia and the Syrian government.   However: This package of medical supplies provided as proof of an air attack by the … Continue reading

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Signs of escalating war in the Middle East

Sadly, I suspect the US and its allies are going to expand military activities to an all-out war in Syria. Here’s why I think that. July 2  Australian election July 18  US Vice president, Joe Biden meets winning Prime minister … Continue reading

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Barrel Bombs. The US accuses Assad while the rebels get on with making them.

Washington’s claims of Assad using barrel bombs are made with no evidence that ties them to the government of Syria. Yet, western media continue to report and repeat the charges as if they were a credible fact. Most recently by … Continue reading

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60 minutes and the Buk – MH 17

MH17 – Special Investigation “The Russian Are Lying And Here Is The Truth” Video Report 60 Minutes – MSN – Australia Who shot down MH17? 60 Minutes tracks the killers deep inside rebel territory. Watch the video on Here’s … Continue reading

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Where is the blood?

According to the Daily mail and Fox News, the photo above, “provided by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry shows the inside view of a bus destroyed by a rebel shell at the (government) checkpoint near the town of Volnovakha in the … Continue reading

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Fraud is not black and white – The prejudice and opinion writing of Andrew Bolt

‘There’s nothing I would rather be, than to be an Aborigine, and watch you take my precious land away. For nothing gives me greater joy than to watch you fill each girl and boy with superficial existential shit.’ (Jimmy Chi) … Continue reading

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Who’s a terrorist?

Here’s the FBI definition – Here the Wiki definition – All the definitions refer to violence. So why are peace, anti-war, environmental, human rights and other social movements targeted by so called anti-terrorism squads acting with corporate spies? … Continue reading

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Using Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot – The Musical From the musical Oliver: Fagin: I have an airtight kitty-plan. Plan! It’s sweet and simple, the plan . . . If I had written this article in 2012, I could have had US State Department … Continue reading

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They say “It’s not the gun; it’s the shooter” 40 kids prove them wrong.

At Least 71 Kids Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown The shooting of a two-year-old by her brother was one of many recent gun incidents to claim a young child’s life. —By Mark Follman | Thu May. 9, 2013 … Continue reading

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Open Journalism – evolving news and the three little pigs

This video from The Guardian shows the synergy between professional and public journalism and how both contribute to evolving perceptions of the news and their influence on public policy. Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert – video

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David and Goliath.

2013 March — A second example of US media crimes against peace, is the present startling situation, as offered in US TV and print media, namely, that of the somewhat tiny nation, North Korea (size of US State of Pennsylvania), … Continue reading

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¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido! The people united will never be defeated!

One of the human beings I most respected has just died. I could have written an obituary but for once, words did not express what I felt. So I will let Chavez himself and the people of Venezuela show you … Continue reading

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Miss a Traffic Ticket, Go to Jail? The Return of Debtor Prison

Thought debtor prison ended in the 18th century? Think again. By Alex Kane February 12, 2013 “Alternet” — Kawana Young, a single mother of two kids, was arrested in Michigan after failing to pay money she owed as a result … Continue reading

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Gaza, the test tube for the corporate military machine

Like me many people have wondered why he US and NATO support Israel in the light of their apartheid and the attempted genocide of the Palestinian people. Why does Israel keep the Palestinians locked up in Gaza? Why didn’t they … Continue reading

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The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

By Vincent Bugliosi In The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, Bugliosi presents a tight, meticulously researched legal case that puts George W. Bush on trial in an American courtroom for the murder of nearly 4,000 American soldiers fighting … Continue reading

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Paying for healthcare benefits only the rich – health – 13 September 2012 – New Scientist

Paying for healthcare benefits only the rich – health – 13 September 2012 – New Scientist.

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Kofi Annan resigned due to Obama’s secret orders

From Counterpunch American Stingers’ First Casualty is Diplomacy A Murderous Optimism About Syria by DEEPAK TRIPATHI The disclosure of President Barack Obama’s decision to provide secret American aid to Syria’s rebel forces is a game changer. The presidential order, known … Continue reading

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Perfecting The Method of “Color Revolutions” Western leaders slip back into childhood

By Thierry Meyssan August 07, 2012 “Information Clearing House” —  In 1985, a social scientist, Gene Sharp, published a study commissioned by NATO on Making Europe Unconquerable. He pointed out that ultimately a government only exists because people agree to obey … Continue reading

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Increased support to Syrian insurrection

The true perpetrators of the insurrection in Syria are becoming more open. Will the media critique that support? Reblogged from Information Clearing House US Authorizes Financial Support to Free Syrian Army By Laura Rozen Secret Turkish Nerve Center Provides Aid … Continue reading

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UK Training Syrian “Rebels” In Iraq

By Marco Giannangeli July 24, 2012 “Daily Mail and Sunday Express” — A British Army source revealed last night that former SAS soldiers (allegedly working for a private firm) are training Syrian rebels in Iraq in military tactics, weapons handling … Continue reading

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Each one, can reach one. Each one, can teach one.

I believe, Ignorance is the enemy of peace and human suffering is the true cost of war. I believe that lies kill and those who tell them, profit without regard to human costs. I believe that a single tear, torn … Continue reading

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Syria: British journalist says rebels set him up to die in no man’s land

In an echo of the Marie Colvin assassination , Channel Four News chief correspondent, Alex Thompson narrowly escaped being the next propaganda death for the rebels in Syria. From Raphael Satter Associated Press June 8 2012 LONDON—A British journalist claims Syrian rebels … Continue reading

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Massacre in Houla – what is the evidence

Here is the other side of the Houla massacre story. Western media are repetitive in their acceptance of one side of the story, the rebel’s, but show little signs of analysis of the information available and, in the case of … Continue reading

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Amazing – two bylines, same video

The Telegraph obviously likes Cantlie’s video so much, they put up two versions of it. Trouble is that what he says in the text for the second video is not the same as in the text accompanying the video in the first version – the … Continue reading

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History is repeating itself

“Nothing is so unworthy of a civilized nation as allowing itself to be “governed” without opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to base instinct. It is certain that today every honest German is ashamed of his government. Who … Continue reading

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Not so subtle threats

People trying to see through the obscuring clouds of propaganda and who share their discoveries are at risk from not so subtle threats. The day before yesterday I first published this, my first blog. That evening I returned home to a message on … Continue reading

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