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Associated Press fooled again

The article below originated on Associated Press which newspapers and digital media around the world draw on for their stories. For instance many of the fake photos made by the rebels in Syria were first posted there. So for once … Continue reading

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Go Abby – Israel’s War on Truth | Brainwash Update

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So Why Would The U.S. Want To Attack Iran?

The Unfolding Human Catastrophe in Iran Sanctions imposed on Iran’s banks and financial institutions is leading to a humanitarian crisis. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article32894.htm

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Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3HR Documentary)

Watch this truly important film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_lYGyIaK80

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Reuters and Ahmadinejad: Anatomy of a Dangerous ‘Misquote”

By News Vandal September 27, 2012 “Information Clearing House” – Headlines are designed to grab the reader’s attention and pull ‘em in. Today, Reuters rolled out a serious eye-grabber: In New York, defiant Ahmadinejad says Israel will be “eliminated” Just … Continue reading

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Amnesty International is US State Department Propaganda

by Tony Cartalucci Amnesty is run by US State Department representatives, funded by convicted financial criminals, and threatens real human rights advocacy worldwide. Read more of this important article: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article32257.htm

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Syria, the truth

‘Rebel atrocities strengthen Assad, turn Syrians off opposition’ The Truth about Syria and Western Lies Truth about Syria! British Journalist Lizzie Phelan interview and from by Thierry Meyssan The plan to destabilize Syria..! (original)

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Journalist kidnapped by the side he supported in Syria and finally notices that they are not Syrian

The Telegraph A new video has emerged of British journalist John Cantlie held hostage by Isil. Here is an exclusive dispatch he filmed for The Telegraph in 2012 demonstrating his brave journalism in Syria Click link below or image above … Continue reading

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Propaganda wars

Thanks to Elmysterio and Willyloman for bringing this to my attention. Clearly Photoshopped with only one aim – to demonize the Syrian government. Read the full article at http://willyloman.wordpress.com/2012/07/29/syrian-destabilization-campaign-kronen-zeitung-photoshop-propaganda/?year=2012&monthnum=07&day=29&like=1&_wpnonce=a8cfaf608c&wpl_rand=b34d01b9fa See more fake images at https://fitzhenrymac.wordpress.com/images-that-lie-3/

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Weaponizing Psychology

Here is the rationale for the US and its allies program of economic sanctions, insurgency and terrorism, drones and aerial bombings, media emphasis, repetition and exaggeration of incidents, isolation from allies and coercion and infiltration of the UN and NGOs. … Continue reading

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The Syrian Opposition: Who’s Doing The Talking?

The media have been too passive when it comes to Syrian opposition sources, without scrutinising their backgrounds and their political connections. Time for a closer look … By Charlie Skelton July 13, 2012 “The Guardian” —  A nightmare is unfolding … Continue reading

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Manufactured Realities

By Bill Noxid                  “Whatever happens today, you can’t put this genie back in the bottle.” – oxfordgirl July 08, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — I remember watching these words real-time on June 12th 2009, and knowing just how undeniably … Continue reading

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How the Corporate Media is Snookering You on Syria


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Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Churches

Thanks to the Daily Cheese for bringing my attention to this article. Of course these pictures did not appear in western mass media. They are supported by the US, NATO and the Coalition of the Willing such as Australia. Read … Continue reading

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Syrian timeline

The U.S. & Syria: Facts You Should Know By Joyce Chediac June 28, 2012 “Information Clearing House” — The following timeline reviews the progression of U.S.-NATO intervention in Syria and counteracts the Big Lie in the corporate media aimed at … Continue reading

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Are you American? Guess how much of your taxes go on war?

A brilliantly clever animation explaining how many US tax dollars go on war, although I suspect that a lot of US aid dollars also go to support various wars. Think South America. Then there is Nato and the war on drugs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0Os3q2p86Q&feature=player_embedded#! … Continue reading

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Between Imperialism and Repression

Read Sami Ramadani, in an interview with Samuel Grove Ramadani: Following the magnificent peoples’ uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, toppling two entrenched dictators, there developed a tendency not to closely examine the nature of the various forces competing for political … Continue reading

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Massacre in Houla – what is the evidence

Here is the other side of the Houla massacre story. Western media are repetitive in their acceptance of one side of the story, the rebel’s, but show little signs of analysis of the information available and, in the case of … Continue reading

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Rebel gunman and photographer

Critique – What the Washington Post should have pointed out – rebel gunman and photographer (in white hoodie).  Who is he shooting at??? Caption seems confused as to the origin of the photo. Is it in Damascus or Homs? Note the … Continue reading

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The myth crumbles

The myth that the Syrian rebellion started with peaceful protests by democratic activists,  brutally suppressed by the Syrian government has no basis in fact. The protests were organized like a well oiled machine calculated to attract and recruit disaffected and often … Continue reading

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Amazing – two bylines, same video

The Telegraph obviously likes Cantlie’s video so much, they put up two versions of it. Trouble is that what he says in the text for the second video is not the same as in the text accompanying the video in the first version – the … Continue reading

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